Equality Objective

Dropmore Infant School is an inclusive school where all children, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or disability, are given an equal opportunity to achieve.
To promote and celebrate diversity in our ever changing society, by providing a nurturing environment free from discrimination where every individual is valued.
  • Develop an understanding of different faiths and cultures by inviting families into school to share their  beliefs, festivals, ceremonies and other special occasions and by visiting local places of worship.
  • Continue to monitor and analyse pupil achievement of all groups of children (including race, gender and disability) and respond promptly to trends or patterns. 
  • Tackle any form of bullying or discrimination (any incident related to race is reported to the Governing Body).
  • Remove any barriers to access, participation, attainment and achievement.
  • Promote pupil and staff well-being and foster good relationships through our PSHE curriculum and wellbeing interventions.
  • Promote our core values: Independence, Curiosity and Respect.
  • Termly visit / learning walk by the Equalities Governor, Mrs Jag Lall
  • Register of exclusions, racist incidents and bullying.
  • Head's report to Governors
  • Kindness Awards in celebration Assembly (pupil to pupil / staff to pupil)
  • School Development Plan - rigorous cycle of improvements
Last updated: February 2022
For more information, please read the Equalities and Cohesion policy below.