Our daily phonics sessions across Reception and Key Stage 1 are fun and engaging, involving lots of speaking, listening and games. The emphasis is on children’s active participation and interactive teaching. They learn to use their phonic knowledge for reading and writing activities and in their independent play. Children have time to practise, revise, recall and rapidly expand their ability to read and spell words.
There are many different ways to help support your child at home with their phonics. Children receive phonics packs that can used at home to support you and your child’s phonics learning.  The pack includes flash cards of different graphemes, digraphs and trigraphs that reflect and support each individual child with their learning.
One of the most important ways to support your child at home is good modelling. The use of pure sounds is of paramount importance. Please see the Department of Education's example video below:
Here is an alternative video from a different scheme that demonstrates more sounds: