Sports Funding

In 2020 - 2021 we received £16,370.00 Primary PE and Sport Premium. Please see the document below for details on spending and impact of the funding.

Physical activity for children and young people has many benefits. It improves mental health and physical wellbeing, develops life skills, boosts attainment and achievement and improves concentration, attention and behaviour. 

Thus, as a school we are dedicated to ensure children understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.  We offer a wide range of sports and activities. All our children take part in physical exercise and behave and achieve well.

At Dropmore Infant School our children have at least two hours of curriculum sport per week. We also ensure our children are physically active for at least 30 minutes every day through playtime activities and Mile-a-Day.

We are looking to develop a lunchtime enrichment programme, offering a wider range of physical activities allowing even more children to become engaged. This will help them to build positive relationships resulting in happier lunchtimes.

We offer a range of after school clubs that involve physical activity: tennis, football, kickboxing and musical theatre. These clubs are very popular and well attended. 

The posters below provide useful information and suggestions for physical activity at home.
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