Parking Information

To ease congestion and ensure the safety of everyone connected with our school it is important that all adults who drop off and collect children from our school are aware of the parking situation and the procedures put in place. 
The map below shows safe and approved parking areas (marked in green).
For the safety of your children, please DO NOT park in the areas marked in red!
When parking in Wooburn Common Road or Littleworth Road, please park considerately leaving enough space for people to get out, but not too much space so valuable parking spaces are lost.
There is further parking available opposite St Anne’s Church and by the Jolly Woodman. This is common land and can be used for parking without visiting the pub/church. There is a footpath from the Jolly Woodman car park back onto Boveney Wood Lane which makes it a safe walking option. Please do consider parking at the Jolly Woodman and walking the short distance. This has benefits for the safety of all of us all around the immediate school area and also the health of the children.
  1.       Do not wait or park, or stop on school entrance markings.
          Keep entrance clear at all times, even if picking up or dropping off children!
  2.       Do not stop or park within 10 metres of a junction
  3.       Do not stop or park on a bend
  4.       Do not stop or park in our disabled parking bay

Please see The Highway Code – Waiting and Parking Rules (238-252) for more information.


Did you know?

The gate is supervised from 8:45am. As soon as a member of staff is by the gate, your child can be left and will be supervised by the staff member on duty. This can further ease congestion and free up parking spaces.