Windsor Castle

28th February 2019
As part of our 'Once upon a Time' topic we set off to visit Windsor Castle, on Thursday 28th February. It was a drizzly day, with the occasional bit of sunshine. We arrived nice and early, dropped our bags off in the lunch room, had a drink and biscuit and went through security into the castle grounds. The very first thing we did was look at the flag. It was the Union Jack, so unfortunately the Queen was not at Windsor Castle. As we walked down to the Lower Ward we looked for different features of Motte and Bailey castles. 
At the Lower Ward, a kind policeman allowed us to stand at the front for the changing of the guards. They were very good at marching in time and lining up in straight lines, something we might practise at Dropmore! We split into 2 groups and spent the rest of our time in a workshop, eating lunch (always a highlight on a school trip), visiting the state apartments and St George's Chapel. Several visitors commented on the immaculate behaviour of our children. Always nice to hear!
We had  a wonderful day.