26th February 2018
On Monday 26th February, we had a delivery of 10 eggs, an incubator and a brooder box complete with heat light, bedding, feed and water. These were not just any eggs, they were embryo eggs, ready to hatch in 2-3 days, and they didn't disappoint!!

The eggs were kept in the Living Eggs incubator, which is specially designed for classroom hatching. An electronic thermostat ensures accurate temperature control and the large viewing windows allows the children to see all stages of hatching. 

During lunch on Wednesday, the first chick hatched. Three more chicks hatched that night. By Thursday evening all 10 chicks had hatched. It was exciting to follow the progress. We have some video footage of the hatching which you can see below!

Once hatched, the chicks were transferred into the brooder box, which allows teachers and children easy observation and access to the chicks while keeping them warm, dry, watered and fed.

Miss Tolmie is looking after the chicks while the school is closed. They will be back on Monday!