Gurudwara Visit

26th June 2017
What a lovely start to the week! On Monday morning, all children from Dropmore School went on a school trip to the Gurudwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha. We were welcomed by Nirmal and his colleagues, who had organised a fantastic morning of activities. We started our visit by covering our hair with a scarf, washing our hands and removing our shoes. After that we were shown around the langar and food preparation area. We saw ladies preparing vegetables, a fridge the size of a room and a store room with home made yoghurt and huge pans. Next we went upstairs to the prayer room where we sat quietly on the carpet. It was an amazing experience, to listen to a Sikh reading from the Guru Granth Sahib. We all walked to the front to put a coin into the long money box and kneel down. We followed Nirmal into another room where we learnt about the 5 K's and how to tie a turban. Finally we went back downstairs to have lunch in the langar. We had a lovely vegetable curry with yoghurt, rice and chapati. When we finished our lunch it was time to say 'Sat Sri Akaal' and go back to school. 
A big thank you to Mrs Bassi for putting us in contact with the Gurudwara and a huge thank you to Nirmal and all the people at the Gurudwara for welcoming us and looking after us so well. We had an absolutely amazing time!!