Food Technology

The children have really enjoyed our Food Technology topic 'Summer Delights'. They have learnt about food hygiene and safety and have prepared, tasted and eaten many summer favourites.
In the first week we cut up a variety of vegetables and tasted them with or without dips. In the second week we made our own dips and cheese straws. Next we made a delicious summer fruit salad. The next week class 2 made 4 different smoothies. The chocolate smootie was a sure favourite! The week after was our 'naughty' week when we all made fairy cakes, though with healthy toppings. In our last food technology session we harvested our own salad and cress and made cheese or egg mayo sandwiches. It was a lovely day so we enjoyed our sandwiches out in the sunshine! 
Special thanks go to Mrs Cruickshank for her help in the preparation and organisation of the sessions!
Many children and parents have asked for the recipes used in school. We have put these together into one document for you to download. Enjoy!