Brake's Kids Walk

16th June 2021
On Wednesday 16th June we took part in the Brake's Kids Walk, a short, supervised walk, involving thousands of children walking at the same time to promote the health and planet-saving benefits of walking. It is really important that children can walk safely in the places where they live and go to school. Our walk was important to remind people in our community about the dangers of traffic and the need for pavements, safe places to cross and slow traffic.
All children and adults dressed in the school High Viz vests to make sure we were seen by all traffic. We walked along the short pavement and crossed the road all together, in a quick, controlled and safe way. From there we walked into Burnham Beeches and found an open space with sufficient shade for a choice of 4 activities: Road Safety colouring, Road Safety role play, Bug hunt and Skipping. Before getting ready to walk back, we enjoyed a special treat: a rich tea biscuit!
Thank you to our adult helpers for making this walk possible: Mrs Hedley, Mrs Evans-Pollard and Mr Tolmie.
On Friday 18th June we held a Road Safety Assembly to reinforce the message from our Brake's Kids Walk. We watched a short video about speed matters with Maddie Moate and discussed what we need to be provided at Dropmore Infant School so we can walk safely to and from school:
  • Footpaths
  • Safe places to cross
  • Slow traffic