Science Challenge 2018

13th March 2018

The sun was shining, tea and coffee were brewing and fresh pastries were laid out. Children and parents arrived at school with the most fantastic designs and creations. It was our annual Science Challenge Day, organised by Mrs Middlefell.

Our first challenge was the Paper Airplane Challenge, which all children took part in. This year, the planes that flew furthest were from: Paige (Y2), Logan (Y1) and Eesa (YR). Well done!

Next up was the car challenge. The winners were: Elissa (Y2), Xander (Y1) and Kahlil (YR). Interestingly, their cars were all made from recycled materials! Everyone who took part in the car challenge received 3 house points for effort.

We finished with the fabulous array of musical instruments. The children very capably demonstrated their instruments to the audience. It was impossible to choose one winner. They were all winners and received 10 house points each for effort.

In the afternoon each class completed a different scientific investigation. Reception tried to help their frozen animals escape from ice blocks using different ideas such as smashing the block, using warm water, using salt to melt the ice and leaving the ice in the sunshine.  Year 1 were investigating animals that may have been wondering around our field by making careful observations of their faeces. Year 2 investigated which soap would be the best for our new toilets. They used four different soaps and timed which one would clean their hands the quickest. 

All in all a wonderful science day!