Dropmore Museum

9th July 2019
I think we can safely say that the Dropmore Museum on Tuesday was a huge success. For one day only our school was transformed into a museum, exhibiting the rich history of Dropmore. 
We had 42 parent visitors that morning and 40 past pupils, staff and parent visitors throughout the day. It was lovely that so many parents were able to pop in to see what the children have been working on and what they have been talking about. The tapestry was a clear favourite and is such a wonderful way to show ‘what it means to belong’.
The Reception children were in charge of the Café. They were selling their own cakes and serving tea and coffee. The Year 1 and 2 children all had a job in the museum, which they applied for last week. We had a welcome committee, security staff, shop keepers, tour guides, photographers and workshop leaders. They were brilliant and we are very proud of them. We have received some lovely positive feedback about the museum and the behaviour and attitudes of our children!