Science Museum

28th November 2018
On Wednesday 28th November all children and staff went to the Science Museum in London as part of our Space topic. We left school shortly after 9 o'clock and arrived at the museum for about 10:30. After a quick toilet and biscuit stop the groups started with the Exploring Space exhibition, finishing off with the Apollo 11 and Mission to Mercury model. The children loved it!
Soon it was time for lunch and we all congregated in the basement for lunch. We sang our lunchtime prayer and wowed other visitors of the museum. We received several positive comments about the behaviour and manners of our children throughout the day.
After lunch we split into the 2 classes. Class 1 spent some time in 'The Garden', exploring while Class 2 attended the Destination Space workshop. We then swapped and Class 1 attended the workshop while Class 2 went to the Wonderlab, a brilliant interactive science laboratory. Class 1 joined them after their workshop.
Before we knew it, time was up and we had to get ready for the coach journey home.