School Trip to Mop End

26th April 2017
There was a lot of excitement. The children all arrived  in school with a packed lunch. This was not a normal school day? We were going on a ...... school trip!
We traveled to Mop End by coach. It was not a very long journey at all. When we arrived we were split into class groups and set of on our woodland adventure. We had a busy morning, planning a route, helping Barnaby Bear pack his backpack, walking through the beautiful bluebell forest, finding bugs and using our senses. It was a typical April day and we had sunshine as well as hail stones. We were pleased when it was lunch time so we could get inside to warm up and enjoy our packed lunch.  After lunch the sun came out and we enjoyed making an artist's pallet and building a den for Barnaby Bear and his friends. Before we knew it, it was time to go back. We had an amazing day!
Have a look at the pictures and see for yourself!